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Supporting education and innovation.


Scholarships & Education.

Our biggest programme is sending extremely vulnerable students to high school. In Kenya, primary school (elementary) is free but high school is incredibly expensive for families living in poverty. We provide scholarships to high performing vulnerable youth who would otherwise not have the chance to continue their education past primary school. We hope to increase the number of scholarships every year. We are currently assisting 40 hard working students and are always looking for more donors. Each student is USD600 per year or USD50 per month.

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Farming Education.

Education is the heart beat of our Agricultural Programme. We work hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Graduates, to offer high quality, practical, agricultural training to vulnerable people in remote villages. Households are assisted to start farms in the process. This enables food security and a source of income.

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Children's Centre.

Global Tribe Children’s Centre is a Day Centre where children come from 9am in the morning until 4pm in the afternoon. During this time the children learn hygiene skills, life skills, receive a basic education and learn about good values, as well as enjoying a nutritious midday meal. 

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The water project was founded by Levi Walton in 2016, while he was visiting Kenya for 8 months. To raise funds, he has partnered with the New Zealand wholesaler Moana Road, to distribute water bottles to numerous retailers in New Zealand. Moana Road is donating the funds to buy the water bottles, as well as donating any profit made through wholesale deals. 100% of which goes to providing clean water to needy schools and villages.

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