Agricultural education & household farms.


The objective of our Agriculture Project is to reduce hunger and poverty by implementing Agricultural Development Programmes targeted to create new, or develop exisiting smallholder farmers in remote regions of Kenya. 


East Pokot

Our main focus area is East Pokot, a region facing extreme hunger, severe drought, lack of water, food insecurity, lack of business, lack of education, unemployment (leading to problems such as local brew and drug abuse), tribal conflict, female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage, among other things.


Agricultural Education & Household Farms

Education is the heart beat of our Agricultural Programme. We work hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Graduates, to offer high quality, practical, agricultural training to vulnerable people in remote villages. Households are assisted to start farms in the process. This enables food security and a source of income.

Learning how to create a sand dam:  harvesting rain water a valuable topic we cover during our intensive farm training.

Learning how to create a sand dam: harvesting rain water a valuable topic we cover during our intensive farm training.

 Demonstration Farms

Many have to 'see to believe' that food production is possible. Especially in the semi-arid desert of East Pokot! Demonstration farms inspire community members to engage in agriculture and enable practical training. Our first demonstration farm was started in 2016 and has inspired many to undertake agriculture. 

Farmers Co-operative

2017 is the beginning of a Farmers Agricultural Co-operative in East Pokot. The key focus of the co-operative is to promote and enhance farming through the benefits of economies of scale. The network provides a platform for information sharing, training and support.  

A key focus is to improve the supply chain of farming inputs via bulk purchasing. This makes inputs more affordable and saves farmers time and money on transport. When harvest time comes, farmers will benefit from joint marketing, transportation, distribution, storage and bulk sales.


Global Tribe Farms

As an organisation, we don't want to depend on donations to keep afloat. Through our own farms, we are able to offer income opportunities to locals and be examples to the communities we work with!


School Farms

We work with East Pokot schools suffering food insecurity and malnutrition. We help them start school farms, as well as train students in agriculture from an early age!