Why: Connecting a community of thinkers, creators, lovers and givers

Who: We are a global team of leaders, educators, entrepreneurs and specialists dedicated to shaping the thinking and design of the ever expanding global networks: Business, Community, Government, Media, Arts, Education and Science. 

Active in America, Africa, India, New Zealand. 

Global Tribe Lounge Dates:

  • Long  Beach - Sep 28th  6.30 - 8pm

Suggested: BYO or donation ( wine, cheese, finger food and of course beer)

Global Tribe Entrepreneurs: 

  • Hardcore coaching in the Art of Business - The 7 Pillars of the Enterprise Ecosystem (Course & Book by A J Walton) - 7 hour course, October 28th, 2017 Saturday 9am - 5pm,  $85 (limited to 20) To enquire email:

Sponsors: GT Pro & White Cloud Innovations Ltd

Group Goals:
Global Tribe is a Not-for-profit (501 C3) involve in numerous projects around the globe.

  • To train & empower 5,000 young entrepreneurs in the art of business




There is 137,000 new businesses starting up every day, however 120,000 of those, and existing businesses, are closing the doors on a daily basis. Some statistics show as high as 50% fail within the first year and 80% within the first 5 years.You would have to question existing educational systems in relation to business health, survival and success! 


the Concept

Nurturing Innovative Young Entrepreneurs and World-class Entrepreneurial Workers, by offering high-voltage education, a connected community, and cool small spaces that resource and empower success in the art of business and in the art of living. 

Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic, optimistic and future-oriented, however need to be trained in the art of business. We have developed the Seven Pillars of the Enterprise Ecosystem to bring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial workers up to speed concerning the component parts of what makes an enterprise tick. 

Global Tribes ultimate goal is to build the new generation sharing economy by resourcing the young innovative workers and entrepreneurs who will create it. 

CafeM in Long Beach CA, the venue for 92 participance's doing our year long course for entrepreneurs wanting to understand the Enterprise Ecosystem. 





We believe that looking after those who cannot look after themselves is pure, and humanity at its best.



The Cure is about loving and caring for people in need and helping to rebuild their broken culture and communities, starting at home. This is primarily activated through GT Entrepreneurs.

The Cure in its most basic expression is about the acts of kindness that should happen in our every day lives’, acts of generosity, love and compassion. Mother Teresa said it well, “If everyone would sweep their own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.” This is evidence of whether or not Global Tribe is successful; generating enterprises that own community issues as a part of their culture. We have a 501 C3 if the activities that people initiate require it. GT America is the driving force behind GT Africa.

Global Tribe Creed: To safeguard the helpless and do them no harm; to show courage on behalf of those who can’t defend themselves