Extreme Cafe (New Zealand)

Global Tribe is and has been focused on supporting the great social and business entrepreneurs in communities around the globe. Helping grass-roots leaders on the cutting edge achieve their goals in making poverty history.

The outcome of many years of working with those trapped in poverty, was the realisation that we could never donate people out of poverty. That if we did not assist in building an economic engine at the heart of these communities we may be simply creating a dependency on us, and doing more harm than good.

We have learned that assisting entrepreneurs in starting new models of businesses is the key to job creation and central to moving communities out of poverty. 

Body & Soul Gyms (New Zealand)

These where started to give the community and community based organisations and schools a place to use a low cost less posey gym, and connected to a number of other community services. 

The Birth of Zeal (New Zealand)

This initiative was about creating a space for youth in the city to grow and develop in their life-skills, spaces for young entrepreneurs, creatives, and a cool space to hang out with your friends. This startup was sponsored by government and city councils. A number of years ago Zeal became it’s own separate not-for- profit.

House Builds (Mexico)

Global Tribe teamed up with Newsboys, a band based out of Nashville, raising teams and finance to build hundreds of homes for Mexican families caught in the poverty trap.

Disaster Response (Haiti)

Teams where sent into Haiti from the US to help the rescue effort amidst Hell on earth. This happened in partnership with Dan Tasset and his One5 foundation. 

Orphan Care (Romania)