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Patrick is a locally born and raised Kenyan from the Pokot Tribe. Married to Winnie Lomadi with 2 children, Prince and Ashley. Patrick lives in Chemolingot, East Pokot where the Global Tribe Kenya office is located. Patrick has a degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Eldoret (2012-2015). He is currently doing a Masters in Agricultural Economics . Before working with Global Tribe, Patrick volunteered for the Ministry of Agriculture office and volunteered at Tangulbei High School.  He has a huge heart for his community and has volunteered in many organisations and schools, as well as encouraging youth.



Anthony is the founder of numerous not for profit organisations: Body and Soul Gyms; Zeal - youth and education programmes;  Romania child aid and the Body and Soul national care network. Anthony is the founder of The Rock, a contemporary church based in Wellington New Zealand. Over the past 20 years The Rock has pioneered innovative ways of actioning Church including Global Cafe's - Cafe Style Churches. Anthony has authored a number of books and has been a guest speaker for various organisations throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. He was also the leader of Future New Zealand, a political party that has gone on to have a significant role within the New Zealand government.



Daughter to the founder Anthony, Rebecca has lived and breathed a passion to serve the poor from a young age. During high school and university she made several trips to the slums of Mexico, at times taking teams and running her own projects there. Activities included; building houses, schools, churches and orphanage dormitories. In 2009, Rebecca moved to Zambia to attend an Advanced Mission Training (AMT), to specifically learn how to help remote African communities. After Zambia, Rebecca completed a Bachelor of Business Studies in New Zealand. While studying, she co-founded an initiative that influenced many other students to engage in community development projects. Rebecca worked for four years in Finance and IT as a Finance Analyst, Business Analyst and Software Project Manager.  



Kathleen has had an interest and passion in partnering with the marginalized and underserved of society since she was a teenager. She met her husband Glenn while doing community work in Northern Ireland and the Philippines. Kathleen currently works as a nurse in San Diego but has taken career breaks to pursue community development work in Kenya. Her greatest passion has become empowering people to reach their potential through education. Through research and partnership with Kenyans, the East Pokot Education Initiative has been birthed.  



Glenn lives in San Diego where he works for a non-profit that serves youth with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges. Glenn has been involved in various community initiatives over the last 10 years and recently returned from 18-month stint in Kenya. While in Kenya, Glenn worked with local organizations to create educational empowerment programs for young people in Nakuru and East Pokot. Glenn’s passion is to see young people become agents of social change in their communities.