Our Women In Business project is focused on a remote villages facing a number of challenges such as lack of education, lack of water, lack of income and extreme hunger. Over the last decade, a number of motivated women have organised themselves into women's groups to try and start businesses. Unfortunately, due to lack of business training, capital and knowledge - these women have not been able to thrive.

Business Training & Innovation Centres

Our local project manager is mobile to educate and support the large number of women's groups. We run entrepreneurship programmes and teach local business skills. Some groups have innovation centres funded by group savings and group brick making. 

Women's Business Conferences

Conferences bring women's groups together to share ideas, receive knowledge, be encouraged, and discuss challenges. 3 conferences were held in August 2016 which mobilised just over 300 women.

Group Savings & Loan Programme

To enable our women to raise the capital to start or expand businesses - we are training and monitoring a well practiced group savings and loan programme.  Women save within themselves and use the pooled funds to give loans.